Sunday, May 10, 2009

RSS feed for complete site collection or a full web

By default , sharepoint comes with the option to expose RSS feed for any list or document library , which is good in so many ways.But one of the most common requirement is RSS for full web or may be for full site collection.

1. Create a new page.
2. Drop a Content Query Webpart
3. Edit the webpart properties
4. Add the filtering / grouping crieteria for the items of interest. I chose all documents from site collection added or modified today.
5. Under presentation, I choose to Enable RSS feed for the webpart with proper title for my RSS feed.
6. You will see a RSS feed icon for the webpart.
7. Subscribe by clicking it or pass the url to anyone who is interested in this RSS feed.

1. This will only work with MOSS as CQWP is not available in WSS
2. Dont delete the webpart as Url is tied to webpart, so if webpart is deleted , rss will also not work.