Saturday, November 13, 2010

SP2010 Model window closing automatically

Now since SP2010 have lot of support in-build for client side programming, I thought to leverage the same for one of the Pop Up requirement. User will click a button and there will a model popup to select values , selected value will be returned back to main window.

Issue : Model window was poping up but getting closed right away.

I was using a ASP.Net server side Button , and so I realized that it is calling the client script on button click which is poping up the model window properly but then as soon as postback happens it was getting closed.

There are 2 solutions to it in my opinion
1. Switch to HTML input control
2. return false from the function which you are using to open model window, which will prevent the server side event.


function myCallback(dialogResult, returnValue) {alert('Hello');}

function openSPModel(
var options = {url: '/_layouts/mypage.aspx', width: 500, dialogReturnValueCallback:myCallback};

return false;