Friday, May 21, 2010

SharePoint 2010 - What I love

SharePoint 2010 has a whole new world and even though Microsoft has flooded us with so much learning material, I am discovering small small new hidden enhancements.

Live preview:
While formatting the text you can see live preview and thus avoid lots and lots of cycles of Save-Publish-Preview. It was a big pain in 2007

Inline Image upload and resizing:
You can now add an new image right into Wiki Page without navigating anywhere unlike in 2007 where you need to upload all images in advance and then use them.Also inline resizing of image is a great new addition to SP2010.

List creation without leaving the page:
Now using the fluent UI , you can create a NEW List without leaving the page and also insert it into the page.

True Versioning:
Now when you edit a page in SharePoint and Versioning is enabled , it retain the web parts added/deleted information also.

Being a developer at heart its an awesome scripting language to control any part of SharePoint administration.

Visio Services and Image Overlay APIs:
Visio Services JavaScript image overlay allows you to display processes related information no one has though before.

Incoming email with attachment option:
Incoming email with attachment option is enhanced now. Try sending an email to a document library, you will see the attached document posted in the library and if you take a closer look at the information below, you can see that this document is created via email and on clicking hyper link , it will give details of the email message

Feature Event Receivers:
a) Now no need to over-ride all the methods , only the one which you want to implement, much cleaner code as mostly not one has much to do in Feature Installed and UnInstalled events

b) Support for Feature upgrade, you can now have another method in Feature Event Receiver class to handle Feature Upgrade requirements.

No more STP files
Everything is WSP now, STP file extension is gone.

I always asked myself why Microsoft cant make it easier for Custom Solutions to use the same logging framework they are using themselves. In Sp2010 we can expose Custom Logging Categories as well as we can write custom messages in Developer Dashboard output.

SharePoint Explorer
Visual Studio 2010 has a SharePoint Explorer , to visualize the site collection without opening site collection in Browser and SPD 2010

SharePoint Designer Navigation based on Artifacts
In MOSS SharePoint Designer Navigation was based on URL , so power users need to know where are master pages/pages and other items to be able to edit them. In SPD 2010 , Default Navigation is based on Artifacts and have option for Url based navigation.

Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Tab
Deployment Configuration will give you great control on how do you want to deploy your solutions