Sunday, September 27, 2009

Name ActiveX Control prompt

Name ActiveX Control prompt issue

SharePoint sites all include the Name ActiveX Control and, if it is not installed or approved by IE, IE displays a message until it is installed or approved as shown below

IE name issue

KB31509 explains a few options

One of the things you can do on the client computer to prevent this message from appearing. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal scenario because users should not have to configure their desktops or browsers to view a content site. Also, many users may not have privileges to change the registry or the Internet Explorer trusted sites list.

KB article also describes a third option that involves changing the ECMAScript files installed by SharePoint Server. Unfortunately, this method is not ideal because it does not always work and it involves changing built-in files that can be overwritten by future hotfixes, service packs, or upgrades.

Another option is to create a custom ECMAScript file that overrides the ECMAScript function that contains a call to the Name ActiveX control, as demonstrated in Randy Drisgill blog. The ECMAScript file should include a function that overrides the built-in ProcessDefaultOnLoad() function and simply comments out the call to the ProcessImn()function. Add a reference to the new ECMAScript file in the <head> portion of the master page for the site.

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