Saturday, July 4, 2009

Listview RSS Bug

I think I am discovering lot of bug these day.. :-)This is simple but I think very important.
I had a document library which has more than one views.One of the filtered view shows document which are recently added by a certain department.

Bug : RSS Feed for the view is not filtered. Also this is easily be noticed from the Url itself which is something like this

Right Url need to be
I tested the above url format by adding the View GUID and got the filtered items also. That means only link is broken or I will say not completed.

Now there are many ways it can be solved.(I have not implemented any one of them so far )

-- New Action Menu which has corrected ViewGUID and hide the existing one
-- You can fix the exiting menu using JQuery
-- New web part to display RSS icon with correct IDs.