Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sharepoint search case-sensitive url issue

I faced this problem long back but forget to blog about it. Sharepoint search has a known issue : case-sensitive url issue.

What that mean is , both the Url listed below will be treated as one. So if Sharepoint search hits the first Url , it will crawl the Url content but will ignore the other one.

http://localhost/_layouts/custompage.aspx?Code=axVP <--
http://localhost/_layouts/custompage.aspx?Code=AXvp <--

Situations :
Reading files from other OS based system which supports case sensitive filenames

Microsoft hot fix to enable the case sensitive file names search.
Also I will recommend to avoid designing any custom solution with case sensitive parameters.

Note: Hotfix will not solve the issue of Url case sensitivity.It will solve the issue of document name being case sensitive.

Hotfix Details

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