Monday, June 8, 2009

Sharepoint Administrator's Checklist

-- Mail Server is configured
-- Validate SSL is configured
-- Validate if Office Web Services are accessible from IIS
-- Logging has been configured
-- Change the Log location,make sure support team have read access to this location
-- Review the Blocked file types
-- Backup all the web.configs locally
-- Maintain a folder for scripts, specially solution clean up / retracting scripts
-- Alias for SQL Server should be set
-- Host headers are configued
-- Fore-front security is installed and configured
-- PDF IFilters are installed and PDF icons are configured

Farm Governance
-- Track the various custom site definition IDs to avoid clash
-- List of all the system files being updated by scripts/solution and way to revert them back
-- If any new Window Service is installed to host WCF or Web Service , make sure to assign new port numbers to avoid port clash

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