Saturday, April 4, 2009

Server farm configuration not complete error

Server farm configuration not complete in Central Administration

The warning "Server Farm Configuration not Complete" is displayed on Central Administration pages until you complete three tasks that are required prior to deploying any sites. The Administrator Tasks list displays the tasks that need to be completed, as follows:

1.Add servers to the farm
2.Assign required services to each server
3.Create a Shared Services Provider (SSP)

When you have completed all the three tasks, edit the tasks in the Administrator Tasks list, and set the Status to Completed.


The tasks displayed in the Administrator Tasks list cannot be customized until after the server farm has been properly configured. After this set of tasks has been completed, the "Server Farm Configuration not Complete" warning is no longer displayed on the Central Administration pages, and the Administrator Tasks list is updated to display a list of tasks that enable you to further configure your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server installation. You may now customize the tasks in the Administrator Tasks list.