Monday, February 2, 2009

Unable to start Sharepoint services

One of my student called me and said that she is not able to start Document Conversion Service of MOSS from Central Administration Web Application.

I connected to her machine and realized that she is not able to start any of the service from the interface.

I have seen the same behaviour in past when drop down menu's and some ActiveX controls were not working properly at client machine.I tried few option as below

1. Reboot the Virtual Machine , no luck.

2. Tried starting service manually.
( All Program > Administrative Tools > Services > Document Conversion Load Balancer Service ). This one worked and service was in running state but Central Administrative Web Application still says its not started.

3. Added Central Web Application to Trusted Site.

This one solved the problem.

Basically Web Application was not able to access the machine information like service current state being in wrong zone. Trusted site gave the Web Application trust to get that information.