Friday, November 14, 2008

Wishlist SharePoint Office 14

Should have
01. Preview for blog and list item editing...without sending email alerts to subscribers.

02. More Custom Action Menu's with security trimming.

03. Hiding Left Navigation , Top Navigation options.

04. Rule based option for 'Alert Me' to be able to recieve alert.

05. Alert Template selection option under 'List Settings'.

06. Easy way to make changed to 'Web.Config'. Some sort of merge mechanism.

07. Custom Folder structure support in FEATURES folder.

08. Easier way to add new file type without editing DOCICON.xml

09. Easier way to add new Alert templates without editing AlertTemplates.xml

10. Custom Folder structure support in Solution Management.

11. Ability to collect input while Activating Feature, kinda like in workflow with initiation data.

12. New Field types ( With privacy options )

13. Way to execute Timer Job every few hours ( every 4 hrs )

14. Feature Stapling option of existing sites ( may be by specifying an attribute )

15. Select All / Remove All for the lookup field control

16. Workflow for site collection / site level , currently for list/library only


1. Ability to create publishing / webpart pages - within subfolders.

Some Ideas
1. User personalizable themes ( Delegate Control )

2. Meta Data Injector ( Delegate Control )

3. Request Access List with Accept Reject Option